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REU in Infrastructure Materials

Primary Institution: University of Florida
City: Gainesville
State: FL
Job Duration: 10 weeks
Class Requirement: Completed High School
Citizenship Requirement: U.S. Citizen
Position Type: Research
Discipline(s): Chemistry
Condensed Matter: Structure and Mechanical/Thermal Properties
Condensed Matter: Electronic Structure and Electromagnetic/Optical Properties
Electrical Engineering
Nuclear Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
Other Engineering
Description: The University of Florida is hosting a summer research experience for undergraduates in the materials used in infrastructure applications. This 10 week program will allow you to conduct research in a lab while participating in a variety of professional and social events. You will work in a research lab, learning the techniques and skills needed to succeed in a career in science and engineering.
Stipend: $4000
Benefits: Housing
Travel Reimbursement
$1000 allowance to attend a conference
Application Deadline: 03/01/2013
Job Website:

Research/Internship Opportunity Contact Information

Primary Contact: Elliot P. Douglas
Box 116400
Materials Science & Engineering, University of Florida
Gainesville, FL 32611
Phone: 352-846-2836
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