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On October 1, 2010, Dave posted Club Information

Contact Information

Phillip Wall
phwall at davidson dot edu

Chris Trennepohl
Vice President
chtrennepohl at davidson dot edu

Ashley Finger
Vice President
asfinger at davidson dot edu

Jessie Barrick
Vice President
jebarrick at davidson dot edu

Mario Belloni
Chapter Advisor
mabelloni at davidson dot edu

Chapter Members

  • Andreu Glasmann
  • Anna Smith
  • Ben Gauthier
  • Chip Sanders
  • Chris Cirenza
  • Christopher Trennepohl
  • Dave Donnelly
  • Drew Onken
  • Evan Welchman
  • Fritz Healy
  • Jessie Barrick
  • Kelly Myers
  • Leah Ruckle
  • learnmore shenje
  • Mario Belloni
  • Matthew Dix
  • Maxwell Henry
  • Phillip Wall
  • Rob Hagerty
  • Robbie Mitchell
  • Salahadin Mohammed
  • Sam Castle
  • Taylor Hogan
  • Thomas Keller

Davidson College SPS Chapter Image

This is the Web Page of the Davidson College Chapter of SPS.  The above picture is of our SPS Chapter with John Mather (middle back), winner of the 2006 Nobel Prize in Physics. The video of Dr. Mather's public lecture can be found here.


Recent and Upcoming Events

For 2012-2013 events click here.
For 2011-2012 events click here.
For 2010-2011 events click here.

April 25: Sigma Pi Sigma Induction and Key Return Ceremony. This spring our Sigma Pi Sigma induction will also include a special ceremony to return key #26 from Dr. William Mebane (awarded in 1926) to Davidson College.

April 4: Stargazing at Fisher Farms. We will set up 4-5 telescopes and host alongside the Charlotte Area Astronomy Club. We will view the Moon, Jupiter, Orion nebula, and many more celestial objects.

February 12: SPS student lunch with 2006 Nobel Laureate in Physics, Dr. John Mather. Meet in lobby of Dana at 11:30am to attend lunch with Dr. Mather.

February 9: SPS-sponsored session on the 2006 Nobel Prize in Physics, 4-5pm, Dana 146. Preparation sesssion for Dr. Mather's campus visit.

January 17-19: Three SPS members, Ashley Finger, Sarah Friedensen, and Jessie Barrick, attended the 2014 Mid-Atlantic Conference for Undergraduate Women in Physics.

January 6: Ashley Finger and Max Henry gave presentations at the Winter AAPT Meeting in Orlando, FL. Ashley gave a talk in the SPS-sponsored session and Max gave a poster in the poster session.

December 15: Submitted a Sigma Pi Sigma Chapter Award application to return the 26th Sigma Pi Sigma key to Davidson College.

October 29: Haunted Physics Dorms as part of the Davidson College Halloween Extravaganza.  Set up boo bubbles, Jacob’s ladder, Wimshurst machine, Van de Graaff and other "spooky" apparatus.

October 26: SPS Zone Meeting at Furman. 4 students and 4 faculty attended the SPS Zone Meeting at Furman that was held in conjunction with the joint NCS- and SACS-AAPT Meeting. The 4 students also presented posters on their summer and academic year research.

October 25: Stargazing at Fisher Farms. We set up 5 telescopes and hosted alongside the Charlotte Area Astronomy Club. We have had over 150 people attend. We viewed Venus, Uranus, the Andromeda galaxy, the Dumbbell nebula, the Great Hercules cluster, the Ring nebula and many more.

October 20: Discover Davidson SPS Panel. The 4 students who attended PhysCon 2012 described their experiences at the Quadrennial Congress to prospective students. 

October 11: Friday Physics Lunch with Special Alumni Guests. Davidson Physics Alums ('07) Carlos Ortiz and Austin Reid joined us at noon to talk about graduate school, what it's like attending NCSU, and some of their research work.

October 7: Weblo Cub Scout Outreach. Will work with Weblo Cub Scouts to earn their Scientist Badge.

October 4: Second SPS Meeting of the semester. Join us for pizza and to discuss events this semester.

September 28: Discover Davidson SPS Panel. The 4 students who attended PhysCon 2012 described their experiences at the Quadrennial Congress to prospective students. 

August 30: First SPS Meeting of the semester.  Join us for pizza and to discuss events this semester.

August 28: Davidson College Activities Fair from 5:30-7:30 p.m., on Chambers Lawn. This is a super opportunity to connect with new students as well as upper class students about SPS. 

June 14: Submitted 2011-2012 Chapter Report.

May 15: Jessie Barrick elected Associate Zone Councillor for SPS Zone 5.