Francis Marion University SPS Chapter

Francis Marion University SPS Chapter

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On March 8, 2006, Lyle posted National Chapter Information

Contact Information


President: Blane McCracken
Vice President (Comp Physics): Erin Carter
Vice President (Health Physics): Chris Coggins
Secretary/Treasurer: Debra Gibson

Faculty Advisor:

Dr. R. Seth Smith

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In conjunction with the growth in Francis Marion University's (FMU) programs in computational and health physics, the FMU chapter of SPS is experiencing continued growth. The student leaders have done an outstanding job of organizing the student membership and assuming responsibility for planning SPS functions. Faculty in the Department of Physics and Astronomy have provided valuable assistance and advice to the students. The over-all health of our SPS chapter is extremely good. The healthy and vibrant SPS chapter that now exists at FMU has helped to cement student friendships, offer informative opportunities in physics, and provide cohesiveness to the rapidly growing group of physics majors at FMU.